The Axsium Advantage

As a global workforce management consulting practice, our people are our product. They are hard working, dedicated to excellence and committed to success. Their industry experience coupled with deep workforce management domain knowledge gives our clients access to the most credible experts in the field.

Our proven methodology and proprietary tools, collectively named “Axselerate”, were developed specifically for workforce management initiatives. This gives our consultants a unique advantage; they arrive on day one ready to tackle the unique workforce management challenges of each project.

Whether there’s a need to establish a workforce management strategy, develop a business case, create or update labor standards, implement a full enterprise workforce management solution or find additional return on investment from an already deployed system, Axsium can help.

Our service offering covers the full spectrum of workforce management-related needs.

Axsium's leadership team is comprised of industry experts, workforce management experts and recognized thought leaders. Our leadership team is active with each of our clients, furthering our commitment to successful engagements. Our clients have the peace of mind knowing that executive sponsorship is part of every engagement.

Our People

  1. Paul Tucker


    “The right team is critical. Without it, the opportunity for success is greatly compromised.”

  2. Bob Clements

    Senior Vice President

    “I like being able to have a real & measurable impact on our clients, our industry & our company.”

  3. Johannes Tjiang

    Senior Vice President

    “I have a unique opportunity & the freedom to come up with creative & practical business solutions.”

  4. David Honicky

    Senior Vice President

    “I believe my success comes from my ability to apply my experiences to the problems at hand.”

Thought Leadership

  1. Our Blog

    Across industries, our blog is a way for our key subject matter experts to share insights on a regular basis. Whether coming from a client site, an industry conference, or an partner executive summit our contributors like to update our readers with the latest trends.

  2. Other Thought Leadership

    Axsium regularly produces articles, white papers, ebooks and other relevant thought leadership materials that are designed to provide our readers with impactful and data driven content to help them make important decisions.

Coming Events

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  1. Reflexions

    Dates: September 14 - 17, 2015
    Location: Las Vegas, NV

    Join us at Reflexions, the annual Reflexis user conference. Axsium will be there to share our latest trends for labor standards and workforce productivity.

  2. KronosWorks 2015

    Dates: November 15 - 18, 2015
    Location: Las Vegas, NV

    Join us at the annual Kronos User Conference in Las Vegas. Stop by our booth and learn more about upgrading to WFC version 8, how to make your people more productive, and our latest innovation, Opus -- the next generation in work measurement software.

Latest News

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  1. Jul 23

    Stores Get Work Done With Axsium Group and Opterus Partnership

    Retailers have historically depended on a series of fragmented work measurement tools to create their labor models. They might have a tool for building labor standards, then another for evaluating them and a myriad of spreadsheets in between, making it very difficult to determine if they had the right amount of labor. Opus completely eliminates this challenge by taking all of those different elements and giving retailers one powerful tool to truly understand how much labor is necessary by store and by department.