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  1. November 14, 2016

    New Opus Update Simplifies Managing Labor Standards in Kronos

    Orlando, FL, November 14, 2016 – Axsium Group announced that its latest update to Opus, its next generation work measurement solution, now seamless integration of effective-dated labor standards with Kronos Workforce Central.  This update makes it even easier to manage labor standards, tasks and task groups in Kronos while driving a more accurate labor forecast […]

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  2. November 13, 2016

    Forecasting the 2016 Elections’ Effects on WFM

    As the dust settles on the divisive, dramatic and seemingly-endless 2016 U.S. elections, America – and to a large extent, the rest of the world – finds themselves asking, “What’s next?” While I am not qualified to tackle the bigger questions like the Constitution or foreign policy, I can forecast what the election means for […]

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  3. September 12, 2016

    The Absolute Best Way to Measure Forecast Accuracy

    The Absolute Best Way to Measure Forecast Accuracy   What makes a good forecast?  Of course, a good forecast is an accurate forecast.  Today, I’m going to talk about the absolute best metric to use to measure forecast accuracy.   Let’s start with a sample forecast.  The following table represents the forecast and actuals for […]

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  4. August 29, 2016

    Three Rules for Comparing Forecast Accuracy

    Latest post from the Retail Forecasting Playbook.

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