Axsium Group to Host Free Webinar on Enterprise Attendance Management
Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Liz Roth
Marketing Manager
Axsium Group Inc.
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Axsium Group to Host Free Webinar on Enterprise Attendance Management Featuring a Case Study on June 8, 2006 at 2:00pm eastern time


Toronto, ON, May 17, 2006 -- In many industries, turnover and absenteeism are significant sources of unproductive labor cost. Most companies have a desire to reduce turnover and absenteeism but are not equipped to identify the causes or offer tangible solutions. This webinar, hosted by Axsium Group, will present an approach to dramatically reducing turnover and absenteeism through Enterprise Attendance Management.


"Most companies today have very little idea of the cost of employee turnover and unplanned absenteeism", according to Tim Lett, Axsium Group's Managing Partner. "At many of our clients, senior management is shocked to learn that turnover and absenteeism costs them millions of dollars per year. An Enterprise Attendance Management program is a highly effective tool available to combat the avoidable costs associated with employee turnover and absenteeism. By monitoring employee attendance and providing mechanisms to both incent and reward exceptional attendance and discourage and discipline poor attendance, Attendance Management has the potential to deliver significant hard dollar benefits and improve overall employee morale."


This Webinar, to be presented by Ben Zifkin, a Partner and co-founder of Axsium Group, will present a unique approach to designing and deploying an Enterprise Attendance Management solution. In doing so, participants will learn:


-The hard and soft dollar benefits associated with Attendance Management;
-How to estimate the cost of voluntary turnover and unplanned absenteeism;
-How to measure the potential ROI associated with an Attendance Management solution;
-The advantages of implementing an automated Attendance Management solution;
-The critical success factors to consider during design;
-How to communicate the benefits and advantages of Attendance Management to the company as a whole;
-Implementation do’s and don’ts.

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