Enterprise Software

When most people think about workforce management, they think about the time clocks that hang on the wall and the software that automates processes like timekeeping and scheduling. Over the last several years, WFM software has evolved to do much more than simply track time and create schedules.

Today, WFM software is an integrated suite of workforce management solutions that start with the automation of long-term budgeting, and continues through short-term forecasting, workload generation, scheduling, task management, time and attendance, and leave management. Analytics, dashboards, and robust business intelligence solutions run through today's sophisticated software suites providing increased visibility to labour. WFM vendors are offering user interfaces that rival consumer applications in terms of graphics and ease of use to increase productivity and adoption through web browsers and mobile phones.

On its own, workforce management software delivers a hard return on investment, which is a reason why so many organisations invest in workforce management. These returns are primarily derived from automating manual processes. This automation delivers immediate value by eliminating errors, speeding up processing time, and reducing administration. Even companies that are replacing older workforce management systems can see strong returns with a new system because the latest software include significant advancements compared with functionality delivered from older systems.

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