Workforce Modeling Services

Axsium’s workforce modeling team is made up of experienced industry consultants and industrial engineers that focus on work measurement, labor standards, process improvement and policy standardization using Axsium proven methodologies and tools.

Roles of our Senior Engineering Consultants, Engineering Consultants, Engineer Specialists, Project Managers and Directors work directly with our clients to:  

  • Assess the present state of the corporate Labor Model
  • Analyze current and design future-state business processes (Mapping and Reengineering)
  • Develop of a complete task inventory of employee work
  • Articulate customer facing service time needs
  • Identify site characteristics that require unique profile consideration
  • Build all necessary labor standards
  • Identify the appropriate business drivers to build workload need in conjunction with the labor standards
  • Empower the client to perform continuous improvement in their operations
  • Lead knowledge transfer to ensure clients are self-sufficient in deploying and maintaining their Labor Model

We look for someone who:

  • Enjoys a challenge and likes proposing solutions
  • Enjoys to travel and thrives on change
  • Someone who can work in the details but sees the big picture
  • Plays well with others in the sandbox
  • Is energized when the pressure is on
  • Has a sense of humour (humor) and can adapt to new environments
  • Has a desire to contribute to the team

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