Workforce Management | Overview

Workforce management is the strategy, processes, policies and tools that organizations use to maximize workforce productivity, contain labor costs, and ensure compliance with applicable wage and hour, meal and rest, and work rules.  To help our clients manage their workforce, Axsium has developed a workforce management model that compartmentalizes and illustrates the relationship between all of WFM’s pieces.  The model is divided into three major pieces:

  • Strategy.  A workforce management strategy specifies the goals of WFM in an organization, the roadmap for achieving those goals, the benefits the organization will gain, and the costs to achieve those benefits.
  • Enterprise Software.  Workforce management software automates a variety of processes including long-term labor planning, labor forecasting and scheduling, task management, time keeping, and leave management.  All of these tools are designed to streamline administration, reduce data entry and calculation errors, and increase compliance.
  • Labor Model.  A labor model is the foundation for any workforce management initiative. It describes all aspects of your workforce, its organization, its work, its productivity, the rules it follows, the policies enforced, and the way that it is measured.

Feel free to explore each of the components of WFM further, or learn how Axsium's services that help our clients with all aspects of workforce management.