White Paper Describes Continuous Improvement through Enterprise Workforce Management
Thursday, February 28, 2008

Liz Roth
Marketing Manager
Axsium Group Inc.
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Axsium Group’s Latest Whitepaper Describes How to Drive Continuous Improvement through Enterprise Workforce Management

Toronto, ON, February 28, 2008 - Axsium Group, Inc., North America’s leading Workforce Management (WFM) consulting firm, announced today the availability of a whitepaper aimed at communicating the value and importance of continuous improvement through enterprise Workforce Management. This whitepaper is available for download at


Using case studies and real world examples, Axsium’s latest white paper offers tangible evidence that companies can create a culture of continuous improvement around their enterprise WFM solutions that yields increasing returns on investment and sustainable competitive advantage. The whitepaper also explains how failures to focus on WFM as an ongoing discipline (as opposed to a point-in-time project) can handicap organizations, causing them to lag behind their competitors.


This white paper, titled Continuous Improvement through Enterprise Workforce Management demystifies some of the common roadblocks that prevent companies from maximizing the value of enterprise WFM. When properly designed and then administered within an infrastructure of continuous improvement, Enterprise WFM solutions can drive a steady stream of labor cost savings, sales increases and productivity improvements.


“We can differentiate our most successful clients because they recognize the value of committing to an evolutionary, not revolutionary, vision of Workforce Management,” said Tim Lett, Managing Partner, Axsium Group. “Based on those lessons learned, we can share critical thought leadership with the community that has the potential to empower their own WFM initiatives. This research provides clear evidence of the benefits to and approaches for implementing continuous improvement.”


This whitepaper is the most recent addition in a series encouraging readers to think holistically enterprise WFM.  Based on Axsium Group’s extensive experience engineering and implementing enterprise WFM solutions, these free whitepapers strive to simplify a number of complex WFM subjects, enabling organizations to simultaneously drive down labor costs and increase productivity and customer satisfaction.