Whether your employees directly interact with your customers on a store floor, in a hospital, or are responsible for manufacturing the goods your customers consume, their role in your organization’s performance is pivotal. How can you be sure that you are attracting the right people, retaining them, training them to be successful, and deploying them for peak performance? Are your employees being scheduled effectively, are labor costs being controlled consistently, are compliance risks being minimized by enforcing current legislation and union rules, and are you managing the impact of scheduled and unscheduled absenteeism?

With so much riding on your most valuable asset, it is critical to understand how to maximize their potential and position them for success. The model is divided into three major pieces:

Strategic Services

  • HCM Strategic Roadmap
  • HCM Project Readiness
  • Business Case

Business Services

  • Business Process Optimization and Standardization
  • Change Management
  • Training

Technology Services

  • Vendor Selection
  • Implementation