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  1. December 19, 2018

    The Hidden Labor Cost of Holiday Returns

    Returns of holiday purchases are increasing each year. That means more expense to the retailer as they work to deal with the merchandise coming back. But beware also the hidden cost of labor required to deal with all those returns. It can be an unwelcome surprise.

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  2. December 16, 2018

    No Phoenix from These Ashes, Part 2

    An Analysis of the Canadian Government’s Phoenix Payroll Disaster, Part 2 In the August issue of The Word in Workforce Management, you read my blog where I introduced you to one of the largest workforce management project disasters ever: the Canadian Government’s Phoenix implementation. To recap, in 2009 the Canadian government began a pay transformation […]

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  3. December 16, 2018

    Having Your Forecast and Meeting Your Labor Budget, too Part 4: Advance your capabilities and collaboration with an end-to-end toolset

    In last month’s blog, we continued our series on aligning “top-down” financial budgets with “bottom-up” operational forecasts by focusing on the need to establish a continuous forecast process. This month, we drill into the fourth and final topic of how workforce management (WFM) solutions can play a role in integrating these processes, and where they […]

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  4. November 14, 2018

    Labor Planning for the Omnichannel Experience

    As consumers add more smartphones, tablets and computers into their day-to-day living, retailers are expected to keep pace by providing innovative ways to shop. Though many are offering varying degrees of omnichannel experiences to their customers, they continue to struggle when it comes to linking their online and brick-and-mortar store presence. A well-executed omnichannel strategy […]

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  5. November 13, 2018

    Having Your Forecast and Meeting Your Labor Budget too – Part 3: Adopt a Continuous Forecast Regimen

    In last month’s blog, we continued our deep-dive into the challenges of aligning “top-down” financial budgets with “bottom-up” operational forecasts, focusing on how to maintain store-level budget metrics within the constraints of the organization. This month, we drill into the next topic of establishing a continuous forecast process that works to keep store budgets better […]

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