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  1. June 7, 2018

    The Decision Tree: Get to the Root of Your Punch Rounding Policy

    By Sherry

    A rise in lawsuits against employers over punch rounding and automatic break deductions is forcing organizations to carefully weigh the impacts to the business and their employees. Knowing the right time to automatically round an employee’s punches can help determine if it’s right for your organization or if you should pay your employees “minute-to-minute.” Axsium […]

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  2. May 22, 2018

    Axsium Group to Showcase New Work Sampling App to Build the Most Accurate Labor Standards at IISE Conference and Expo

    By Axsium

    Say goodbye to inaccurate stopwatch studies with Studia, a powerful mobile work measurement data collection tool Orlando, FL, May 21, 2018 – Axsium Group, a leading global workforce management (WFM) consulting practice, will be demonstrating Studia, its new mobile data collection work sampling application at this year’s IISE Conference and Expo. Studia lets you measure […]

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  3. May 7, 2018

    How to Spark Your WFM Innovation: Lessons from the WFM Forum

    By Bob Clements

    Talking one-on-one with clients about how they’re benefiting from and managing issues with their workforce management (WFM) system is always a big win for me. I got the chance to do just that this past week at our second annual Axsium WFM Forum here in Chicago (while this is our second North American Forum, we […]

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  4. May 7, 2018

    How to Build a Better Labor Standard

    By Bob Clements

    I’ve said it before: the worst way to build a labor standard is with a stopwatch. It’s time consuming, expensive and difficult to do correctly. Not surprisingly, most companies that use a stopwatch for their time studies don’t do it right. As a result, they end up with an inaccurate labor model. For any organization […]

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  5. May 7, 2018

    The Problems with Productivity Factors

    By Neil Maltby and Chris Kalgren

    Businesses are always coming up with resourceful ways to boost productivity. Naturally, we tend to want our employees to do more in a shorter amount of time and generate more revenue with fewer resources. But this kind of thinking never equates to a productive workforce. Here in the UK, companies sometimes use what’s called a […]

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