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Whether your employees directly interact with your customers on a store floor, in a hospital, or are responsible for manufacturing the goods your customers consume, their role in your organization’s performance is pivotal. How can you be sure that you are attracting the right people, retaining them, training them to be successful, and deploying them for peak performance? Are your employees being scheduled effectively, are labor costs being controlled consistently, are compliance risks being minimized by enforcing current legislation and union rules, and are you managing the impact of scheduled and unscheduled absenteeism?

With so much riding on your most valuable asset, it is critical to understand how to maximize their potential and position them for success. The model is divided into four major pieces:

Strategic Services

Productivity Services

Technology Services

Adoption Services

Axselerate Methodology

Having a single focus on workforce management has enabled us to develop a unique methodology called Axselerate that addresses the challenges and opportunities organizations face specifically when implementing a workforce management solution.

What makes our methodology unique

  1. We focus on the business. Our approach is simple, the solution must meet the needs of the business and the design of the solution must take the business needs into account throughout the process.

  2. Iterative modeling and development. Our development approach focuses on iterative development, ignoring the traditional waterfall approach that defers identification and resolution of major design flaws until very late in deployment. We identify design issues and incomplete requirements issues earlier – saving time and money.

  3. Tools and Templates. Over the years, Axsium has developed a robust set of tools and templates built on the real world experience of hundreds of successful workforce management projects.

  4. Documentation. Our documentation is second to none. Having clear documentation throughout the lifecycle of the project is essential, this leads to a better transition to the client team.

  5. Knowledge Transfer.  We have a very structured approach to knowledge transfer. We create a defined schedule of learning sessions and assignment of practice exercises throughout the project to better equip our clients.

  6. Flexibility. We recognize that our clients have their own ways of delivering projects. Asxelerate provides a framework for our projects but is flexible enough to work in conjunction with our clients’ governance and delivery models.

What are the benefits?