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Work measurement software is often perceived as stagnant, even archaic. Opus represents a breadth of innovation and an opportunity for retailers and other hospitality managers to take a fresh look at the power of their labor model as a productivity enabler to improve the bottom line.

An accurate labor model is key to leading your organization to improved efficiency, productivity and quality. Opus gives you the power to raise the bar and set the standard.

Labor standards are used to define how long it takes your associates to perform each task their job requires of them. They are the critical building-blocks upon which accurate future labor requirements can be forecasted, upon which strategic long-term workforce planning can be based, and the return-on-investment for process improvement can be delivered.

  1. Accurate – Most managers depend on fragmented work measurement tools. One tool for building labor standards, another for evaluating them and several spreadsheets in between. With Opus, you have a single, cohesive data platform to enable one version of the truth and improve the accuracy of your labor model.

  2. Agile – Create “what” scenarios to analyze the impact of changes to your labor model before you deploy them. Use Opus to validate your existing labor standards and analyze their effectiveness.

  3. Deployable – Understand the right level or depth of detail that you need to create accurate labor standards. There may be departments that have excessive levels of standards and others that might be deficient. Ensure you have the right level of detail for every store, hotel, restaurant or casino  in your fleet and seamlessly feed that information into your WFM system to improve your scheduling strategy.

  4. Sustainable – Managing your labor model in the cloud is a reliable way to make sure that your system stays up to date. Through a secure, user-friendly platform, the ability to manage your labor model can live throughout your organization.

Productivity Made Easy With Opus

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