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Studia is a mobile data collection tool for work sampling. It is intuitive, easy-to-use and features a truly modern user interface.

A typical retailer labor model is made up of two key tasks: those that are customer-facing and those that are not.

Strategically, a retailer’s goal is to minimize the amount of task-based, non-value-added work and maximize the amount of time associates spend with customers. Unfortunately, many retailers believe they are spending far more time on customer-facing tasks than they really are.

Introducing Studia
Studia is a data collection work sampling app that lets you measure all of the tasks your employees perform. It allows you to capture the time you are spending on your customer-facing tasks so you can build customer-centric labor standards. And you can measure idle, talk and travel times to help you eliminate waste and improve productivity. It is a modern, mobile software tool available for both Android and iOS that makes it easy for users to create informative studies through workplace observations.

Building Labor Standards the Right Way
Other forms of data collection are time-consuming, error-prone, and are not truly suited to measuring customer service consistently and accurately. With Studia, the observer collects data via a handheld device to record what associates are doing at random intervals during operating hours.

The app provides an excellent method for collecting customer service, talk and idle times, delays and production task data. It is less time consuming while eliminating the subjectivity of the observer afforded by traditional stop-watch time studies, and gathers more useful information that can be used to build out more accurate and effective labor standards.

How Studia Works
Work sampling is a powerful process most effectively used to monitor guest interactions. Setting up studies and analyzing recorded data in Studia is quick and easy.

Once a study template has been developed and pushed to the observer’s mobile device, they can walk around the workplace to observe and record all the tasks completed in an operating day, over a number of weeks, and at a variety of locations. A completed study can then be exported by the observer via email from their device to be aggregated into an Excel spreadsheet.

When the right observations are performed at the right times, retailers can break down what their people are really spending their time on and identify waste. You can then build out highly succinct labor standards by pin-pointing tasks to change or eliminate.

Studia Features
» Create and manage an unlimited number of studies.
» Easy-to-use, modern, intuitive user interface.
» Export completed studies directly into Excel for editing, analysis and labor standard development.
» Record any number of observations.
» Study multiple subjects at the same time.
» Easily pause and resume the study at any time during the observation.
» Create one study template to act as the basis for all other relevant project studies.
» Download study templates to mobile Studia app via connect cable (from PC to phone), shared drive or email.
With pricing starting at $50 per device per month, call us to get started today.

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